Who is Mass Persona

Our Mission

MassPersona, the producer of Minikin, is a high volume 3D color printing factory serving the needs of consumer product companies looking to produce high volumes of mass personalized 3D color products or parts.

It has been created from the technical innovations of Twindom and production expertise of Custom Color 3D Printing. The company has been established to create a software platform that can enable mass personalization of products and parts.

MassPersona is launching with a product called Minikins: 3D-printed, personalized Minikin figurines that look like YOU - easily created within a mobile app and shipped to you within a few weeks.

We believe in being true to yourself and celebrating everything that makes you special! Being YOU should be encouraged in the workplace, amongst family and friends, in advertising, on social media...pretty much everywhere. You can and should be whoever you want to be, when you want to be it.

Meet the Team

Kent Mages

Self-proclaimed geek and serial entrepreneur. Has worked in finance, film, gaming, and printing. Co-Founder of Custom Color 3D Printing.

Richard Berwick

Co-founder and CEO of Twindom, Richard Berwick is a hardware and software hacker who is trying to bring value to the world, in 3D!

Nykko Lazar

3D Designer, cosplay aficionado, passionate about art, film, and all things nerdy. Breaking the mold so everyone can express things they love.

Charles Spungen

Power transmission manufacturing executive for over 25 years and cofounder of Custom Color 3D Printing.

John Ostler

Entrepreneur, digital producer, and investor, John has been creating and empowering teams to create mobile & web software for over 25 years.

Randall West

Mechanical engineer. Helped develop HP's color 3D printer, 13 patents issued/pending. Randall loves family, the PNW, building, and learning to code.

Geoffryy Cairns

Technology executive and entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience from Microsoft, HP, and several innovative start-ups.

Why 3D Printing?

With three years of experience in 3D Printing, a decade in 2D color printing, and 25 years of manufacturing experience, the Minikin team has the know-how to bring Minikins and the manufacturing process behind them to a scale never before seen in the toy or the additive manufacturing industries. We use Multi Jet Fusion technology from HP to produce parts that are incredibly durable, vividly colored, and can be produced at scale.

When every single product is as unique as our customers, 3D printing is the only way to create a product that is affordable. Injection molding relies on the efficiency of producing the exact same part over and over again, while 3D printing lets us be completely flexible to create hundreds or thousands of unique products every day.

Our experience and work flow, from production to post production, has made us a global leader in producing quality color parts. With our new automated factory, we can take what we’ve learned and improve upon it further in both quality and scale.

Our Partners

We couldn’t take on a project like Minikin alone. We are lucky to partner with some crazy awesome tech and pop culture companies to bring Minikin to life. Minikin: where fantasy meets technology.

We are proud to have ReedPop as our official launch partner. ReedPop and MassPersona are working closely together to explore how Minikin can add new levels of excitement and personalization to their events and show experiences. Cosplay has always been a huge part of ReedPop shows and with Minikin show attendees can now traverse from the physical to digital and back again to memorialize their attendance with highly realistic and collectible miniatures of themselves.