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The Ultimate Fan Experience with William Shatner.

Become a real to life, 3D printed collectible of you and Mr. Shatner. Never has this been possible before...until now.


Event Dates: April 9th – 10PM – Midnight  
& April 10th – 8AM – 10AM
Only 50 tickets per day are available (100 total)
Up to two people are allowed with Mr. Shatner in the scanning booth
Each person must have their own ticket
Cost: $2,250 (tax and shipping included) per person

April 9th – 10PM – Midnight  

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April 10th – 8AM – 10AM

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Sales Commence on March 22nd
@ 12PM CST


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Ticket Details

Each ticket will grant you the opportunity to be scanned with Mr. Shatner in our state of the art 360-degree scanner to capture the exact moment you two agree on.  Back-to-back, a standard pose, or possibly a high five.  Not just a standard photo, our scanner captures every angle of the exact moment.  After your scan, we will 3D print your experience with Mr. Shatner as a 9” figurine.  Additionally, we will send you a 3D gif of the moment, a short video of your interaction with Mr. Shatner, (2) 5” figurines of Mr. Shatner that we have designed with him AND above it all, his authentic digital signature on all three 3D printed figurines.  Mr. Shatner DOES Not offer his signature and has never allowed himself to be 3D scanned with fans in such an experience.  It truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

***if you purchase two tickets at a time, you will receive two 9" figurines and four 5" figurines

See the Process from Scan to Product

Additional Details

You will be scanned with Mr. Shatner in the order that you purchase; those who purchase two tickets together will be moved up in line.

If for some reason you absolutely need one day over the other, leave us a message in the comments and we will reach out to see if we can accommodate.

The location may change from our booth at McCormick Place, Star Trek Missions to the connecting Hotel. You will be notified of the exact location when we send you your scan time.

You can come in any COSPLAY that you like or just as yourself. You can bring in props as well and if Mr. Shatner agrees to hold it because he likes you, then he will. Mr. Shatner will be in regular clothes however and not in Cosplay himself.

You will be expected to check in with our staff at least 20 minutes prior and be in line.

We will have refreshments if you wish to come early and mingle with other experience holders.

Everyone must show proof of vaccination and a negative covid test within 24 hours of your time.

You can use your camera while in line, however within 5 feet of the scanner entrance your phones will be collected or asked to be stowed. No outside photos allowed inside the scanner and near the entrance. If you break this rule you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Refunds will be sent only if Mr. Shatner cannot attend or misses his time with you. No other exception.

Time will be kept to a minimum when being scanned, you are not allowed to hug or talk in length, unless he engages you.

Hand sanitizer will be on hand and expected before entering the scanner.

Respect other people's decision to mask or not mask while waiting. While with Mr. Shatner, you will NOT be required to wear a mask and there is not a glass partition between you so this is the closest you can be.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  HAVE FUN while respecting the rules and Mr. Shatner.

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