Note: July 29th, 2022 - The Minikin app is temporarily unavailable as we finish all new features and enhancements. Please check back next week for new outfits, poses, UI and more! –Minikin Team

Realistic Miniature Versions of You

Minikins are realistic, 3D printed, miniature versions of YOU! With unlimited options for personalization, your Minikin will allow you to celebrate what makes you special, whether it’s on a game board, as a custom toy, or in the game of life.

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How it Works


Download The App

Visit the Apple or Android app store to download the free Minikin app onto your mobile device.


Take A Selfie

Take a selfie or upload a photo of whoever you want to make a Minikin of.



Modify facial features, hair, body type, and outfit to make your Minikin 100% you!

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So what do I do with a Minikin?

Personalized action figure
Board game pieces
Wedding cake toppers
Desk toy
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Minikins Timeline

April 2019
Custom Color 3D Printing opens first facility in Chicago
October 2019
Custom Color 3D opens second facility.
October 2020
Custom Color 3D prototype of production and post production processing automation goes live.
January 2021
Minikins are conceived! Custom Color 3D, Twindom, and Unicorn Road create a new venture, MassPersona to produce Minikins and scale 3D color printing as a service to other consumer product companies.
February 2021
Design work begins on next version of production and post production processing automation.
June 2021
First Alpha release of Minikin App (internal testing)
August 2021
06 - Order placed for 32 HP580 3D Color Printers

31 - Kickstarter launches!
September 2021
29 - Kickstarter Ends
October 2021
01 - Minikin App Alpha Release
November 2021
01 - Minikin App Beta Release

15 - ReedPop Minikin Pledges deadline for C2E2 pickup - Check the Pledge Tiers and Add-Ons if you're lost
December 2021
01 - Alpha and Beta Pledgers owe Minikin configuration to receive their order before Christmas

12-14 - Official Minikin product launch at C2E2 in Chicago and start of our 5 year mission with ReedPop (launch partner)
January 2022
Opening of new 30,00 sq ft factory
February 2022
Installation of 32 new HP580 printers
July 2022
Factory fully oprational!




Body Type

Choose your Minikin’s body type from a variety of shapes and sizes


Select a regular size Mini or our even smaller option, perfect for a custom game piece


Choose your favorite outfit or a battle-ready costume for your Minikin to wear


Explore our extensive style and color choices for your Minikin’s hair


Select from a wide range of dynamic poses to make your Minikin your own

... And more!

Get Alpha or Beta access to let us know what else you'd like to personalize!

We Are Live On Kickstarter!
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Meet MassPersona

MassPersona, the producer of Minikin, is a high volume 3D color printing factory serving the needs of consumer product companies looking to produce high volumes of mass personalized 3D color products or parts. MassPersona was created from the technical innovations of Twindom and production expertise of Custom Color 3D Printing. 

Photo gallery

Check out Minikins in the real world! We can’t wait to see pictures of you and your Minikin side-by-side. 

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