How It Works


Join the app by creating a custom account or connect directly from your Facebook!

Choose Body

Choose what body type you would like to use for your Minikin.

Take or Use a Photo

This photo would be the one that will go directly onto your Minikin. You can use your face or... someone else's! For best results follow the instructions provided!

Genrating Body

The app is generating. It is taking your face and adding it to your own custom Minikin!

Choose Hair and Accessories

Now that the face is on you Minikin, the rest is up to you! Choose things like hair, eye color, glasses, hats, ect!

Choose Outfit

Looking good! Feel free to choose from any of the outfits!

Choose Your Pose

Looking stylish! Now you can choose any of the poses that you want your Minkin to print and or stand in.

Choose Your Expression

Neutral, happy, sad, whatever you want!

Choose Your Base

All Minikins have a special base, choose one that speaks to you!

Saving Minikin

Once you are done customizing there is plenty of things you can do with your Minikin. The first feature, after hitting the home button is to, save your Minikin!

Sharing Minikin

Want to show your friends, fans, and family a mini you? On the home page there is a "share Minikn" option. Send people funny videos of your Minikin with Miniklips!

Purchase Your Minkin

Congrats your Minkin is done! In the top right there is a shopping cart icon, press it to complete your process! This purchase will have your fully customized Minkin 3D printed and sent to your door!

Download the App